Read About my approach to photographing your wedding

Couples booking me nearly always have a common set of interests when it comes to choosing their ideal wedding photographer.


Obviously it's a given that you're wanting an experienced, professional to document your day but what else are you looking for?


Have a read through the following and ask yourselves "Does this sound like us?".

Relaxed & Informal Wedding Photography

This is the absolute number one reason why couples book me.


Chances are, you've been to a wedding which didn't quite fit with your own idea of what a relaxed and informal day should be like. Were you aware of the photographer throughout the day (maybe working with an assistant), and feeling like whichever way you turn, there's someone taking photos of you?


Did it feel like you were their prey rather than a wedding guest? Not great, eh?. This is why I shoot alone - it allows me to inconspicuously capture those tiny cameos which together build into a complete picture of your day.


Most often, these are the moments you'll have missed on the day itself and looking back through your photos will take you on a journey, transporting you back to your wedding through a different set of eyes.

painless portraits

You've invested masses of time, effort (and money), in having the people you love most share your wedding day with you. I want to keep you from them for the shortest time possible.


All I ask is that you give me a couple of ten minute sessions during your day, away from your guests and leave the rest to me.

effortless groups

I'll ask you for just 6 groups which include the guests who mean the most to you.


These are easily done in around 15 minutes during the drinks reception or an inside space if the weather decides not to play nicely.


Leaving you free to enjoy the day with your guests.

Talking Pictures - the photos which have a special place in my heart

Photographing your wedding from the inside out

I'm not a photographer who shoots from the fringes of your day (leaving you with a set of remote, impersonal photos).


Instead you'll find me in the middle of things, quietly capturing the shots you want without getting in the way. Think of it as shooting from the inside-out.


This only works though if you and your guests feel comfortable around me... So, you'll be relieved to know I'm a normal chap, who makes the effort to dress like a wedding guest, stops to chat with your embarrassing aunt, won't go all diva if your uncle Bob wants to step in to get a photo and always remembers this is your day, not mine.

Does this sound like you?


If the answer's yes, the chances are we're going to get on like a house on fire. So, with the greatest of respect, what are you waiting for...? Drop me a line and let's get the ball rolling! So you get the very best from me, I limit bookings to just 25 weddings per year. This way I can stay fresh, energised and focused so you can rest assured, knowing I'll give you my wholehearted and undivided attention.


Your wedding day is a big deal, yes? Why would you entrust the photography to someone who doesn't share that view and want to give you their all?


Just complete the enquiry form below and I'll confirm availability and guide you through the next steps. All bookings begin with an initial phone or video consultation so you can tell me about you plans and gauge if I'll be a good fit with your day. If you like what you see, I have an easy to use online booking system where you'll be able to secure me for your wedding day.


I'll reply to your enquiry within 24 hours - if you've not heard back from me by then, please check your junk-mail folder.


If you have any problems with this form, feel free to email me direct:


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