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Couples booking me have a common set of interests when it comes to choosing their wedding photographer. Obviously it’s a given that they’re wanting an experienced, professional to document their day but what else are they looking for? Have a read through the following and ask yourselves “Does this sound like us?”.

Relaxed and informal wedding photography

Relaxed and informal images

This is the absolute number one reason why couples book me. You’ve most likely been to a wedding which didn’t fit with your own idea of what a relaxed and informal day should be like. Were you aware of the photographer throughout the day (maybe working with an assistant), and feeling like whichever way you turn, there’s someone taking photos of you? Did it feel like you were their prey rather than a wedding guest? Not great, eh?. This is why I shoot alone – it allows me to inconspicuously be constantly looking for all those tiny cameos which together build into a complete picture of your day. Most often, these are the moments you’ll have missed on the day itself and looking back through your photos will take you on a journey, transporting you back to your wedding through a different set of eyes.

Reportage wedding photography across Suffolk

Hurry up and slow down

This is an old cliche I know, but aren’t they always based in fact? Every couple I photograph can’t quite believe how quickly their day flies by. From the morning preparations to post wedding breakfast mingling can whizz by in a blur and the importance of having hired an experienced professional to document the day is never overlooked. It’s why I also encourage all my couples to take a moment during the day and spend five minutes alone to be with each other, reflect and absorb the atmosphere, sights and sounds of your wedding day.

Candid documentary wedding photography

Group photos

While modern wedding photography has an emphasis on capturing the candid, informal moments that doesn’t mean my couples want to overlook photos of their families and immediate wedding party. These are the photos which always make it into an album and are the ones your guests are most likely to want copies of. However, have you been to a wedding where the photographer has been armed with one of those endless lists of groups – from immediate families right through to former workmates from ten years ago? After 40 minutes, everyone’s starting to glaze over and the couple are becoming increasingly twitchy (as they need the loo, a drink, a canapé, to say hello to their guests).

Instead I ask you to give me a list of just 6 groups which include the guests who mean the most to you. These can easily be done in around 15 minutes, either at your church after the ceremony, during the drinks reception or an inside space if the weather decides not to play nicely.

A few portraits (but so many that they get in the way of spending time with your guests)

You’ve invested a great deal of time, effort (and money), in having the people you love most share your wedding day with you. I want to keep you from them for the shortest time possible. Chances are you feel a little bit uncomfortable at having portraits taken, am I right? First and foremost, don’t panic – it’s perfectly normal, understandable and I’ll let you into a secret, I feel the same way. Over the years I’ve found a way of photographing couples which feels natural and unforced – definitely not as bad as you’re likely imagining. Finding the right setting, good light and a flattering pose is second nature and even the most anxious of couples have told me they actually enjoyed their portraits. All I ask is that you give me a couple of ten minute sessions during your day, away from your guests and leave the rest to me.

Someone your guests will feel comfortable with

It sounds a bit corny I know, but I’m genuinely interested in people. Nothing beats getting to know you during the build up to your wedding, hearing about how you met, how the proposal went, what your hopes are for the big day. Most importantly, I’ve been photographing weddings for long enough to never judge. How you choose to plan your wedding day is a personal thing and what’s important to you may differ from another couple. You know what, that’s brilliant – if we all did things the same way, the world would be a dull and boring place. Variety is most definitely the spice of life and I urge you to go with your heart.

Not to overlook the details

All those details, touches and flourishes are important yes? Whilst you’re not keen on the idea of wondering where your photographers gone while they’re off photographing every single details of your table centres, you do want the details from your day captured and recorded. Good news, we’re on the same page. Details are an essential part of the day and I’ll always make time for them.

Bridesmaids taking selfies at a Suffolk wedding

Capturing your day from the inside-out

I’m not a photographer who shoots from the fringes of your day (leaving you with a set of slightly remote, impersonal photos). Instead you’ll find me in the middle of things, quietly capturing the shots you want without getting in the way. Think of it as shooting from the inside-out. This only works though if you and your guests feel comfortable around me… So, you’ll be relieved to know I’m a normal chap, who makes the effort to dress like a wedding guest, stops to chat with your embarrassing aunt, won’t go all diva if your Uncle Bob wants to step in and get a photo and always remembers this is your day, not mine.

Does this sound like you?

If the answer’s yes, the chances are we’re going to get on like a house on fire. So, with the greatest of respect, what are you waiting for…? Drop me a line and let’s get the ball rolling! So you get the very best from me, I limit bookings to just 25 weddings per year. This way I can stay fresh, energised and focused so you can rest assured, knowing I’ll give you my wholehearted and undivided attention. Your wedding day is a big deal, yes? Why would you entrust the photography to someone who doesn’t share that view and want to give you their all?

OK, so what do we do next?

Drop me a line via the contact form or simply pick up the phone and tell me a few details about your day. The where, when, and who’s. I’ll confirm the date is available and send over details on pricing as well as links to a few sets of previous wedding photos which have something in common with your own plans, either the location, time of year or approach. These give you a brilliant insight into exactly what you could expect from me and, for most couples, help them confirm it’s me they want before we even get to talk! From there, we can get together in person over a coffee (Aldeburgh, Southwold and Framlingham are all convenient places to meet). Very often, I’m booked by couples who live further afield and meeting up isn’t so convenient, in which case Skype and FaceTime offer a brilliant solution. Failing these, there’s the phone!

The important thing is to get talking.

I genuinely look forward to hearing from you and hope what you’ve seen here means I can be part of your plans.

Oh, and just click here if you want to know more about me and see my testimonials page to read what previous couples have said about my work. There’s also a handy frequently asked questions page which gives you quick and easy answers to most general queries

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