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Brides wedding bouquet in mid air during bouquet toss

The bouquet toss is one of those moments which can be tricky to photography. Do you concentrate on the bride as she throws, the girls vying for position to make the catch or, as here, go left-field and make a less obvious, slightly abstract image of the bouquet in mid-air.

OK, so now I’ll let you into a secret, but its just between us ok? This shot was taken at Leah & Matt’s Bruisyard Hall wedding where the bouquet toss actually took place a total of three times. The first two attempts overshot the waiting girls and fell into the arms of a couple of handsome chaps, both already married. Third attempt and success (see their wedding photography blog post for more). Given the luxury of three bites of the cherry, I was happily able to take a chance on catching the bouquet mid-air plus grab a shot or two of the bridesmaid who made the catch.

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