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As settings go, Duke Humfrey’s Library in Oxford’s Bodleyan Library is hard to beat. It’s of those spine tingling places which resonates with a sense of history. One can’t help imagining the countless students, academics and scholars who’ve also stood here in wonder at its contents.

Access is limited to wedding couples hosting their reception in the Divinity School and is for a few minutes only. Without being able to take a look prior to our entering the library, it was very much a case of thinking on our feet and getting the most out of the short time available.

Admittedly, it’s the obvious image to make, but when time is short, I knew this would be the stand out shot for Alex & Henry. The leading lines provided by the bookcases draw the eye perfectly to them, framed by the window. However, I’ve very deliberately placed them slightly off the a classic rule of thirds composition to create just enough tension to draw the eye around the frame and take in the surroundings, but not enough to detract from the shot.

Alex & Henry’s was a truly marvellous day. I’d met Alex when photographing her best friend Rebecca’s Hampshire wedding the year before (where she’d been bridesmaid), and was over the moon to be included in hers and Henry’s plans. Especially when it meant a trip to such a historic and memorable setting.

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