Paparazzi – Talking Pictures

There are times when creating eye-catching, memorable images is a purely reactive thing. This image is a pure case-in-point. It would be utterly ridiculous to claim any great plan or approach led to being able to steer events towards this moment. Instead its one of those very wonderful gifts of time and place.

I’d been chatting with this wedding guest throughout the day and had already made a few candid shots with her as the central subject. She’d joked with me about always being there to catch her at just the right (or wrong, depending on your point of view), moment and insisted on having a picture of me. I’m not  the biggest fan of having my picture taken (hence being on the other side of the lens most times), so it was a simple case of bringing the camera up to my eye and us having a ‘picture-off’, moment. The lenses on the back of her phone just happened to line up for this one and only shot!

This is a moment when using the small and lightweight Fuji X camera system comes into its own. Although it’d be entirely doable to capture this on a larger DSLR, the smaller camera size of a Fuji means they can be used all day without feeling as though you’ve done an hour of bicep curls in the gym!

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