Selfie Bridesmaids – Talking Pictures

It might be an oldie, but this is still one of favourite documentary wedding photographs – a completely spontaneous, unscripted moments which exists within a split second and could never be set-up without looking completely contrived.

This is from that moment during a wedding ceremony when the bride and groom are signing the marriage register and guests have a pause to chat amongst themselves, or in this case fit in a quick selfie. I love the combination of elements which come together in this picture, the uncle in the background, eyes obscured by his old-school phone. The bride’s mum not entirely sure what to make of what’s going on next to her. And then there’s the two bridesmaids… both looking amazing with impeccable hair and makeup, separated from the background in their jade dresses. Both completely lost in their own moment.

A spontaneous moment, captured totally reactively. A proper snap-shot which to this day remains a favourite.

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