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OK, so first and foremost… yes, strictly speaking this isn’t a wedding photo. It is however, a photo taken at a wedding. So, does that in fact make it a wedding photo after all…? I’ve no idea – you tell me!

At every wedding there are a few moments when there’s a lull. Guests are relaxing, having enjoyed a fab day, lovely meal and a drink or two. The couple are happily chatting to guests and were heading towards their first dance and the evening party. It’s at times like these I like to take a wander around the venue and catch a few shots which give a sense of this chilled atmosphere.

This image is an example – taken at Easton Grange in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. Although not as flat and billiard table like as some parts of East Anglia, Suffolk has few large hills to block the setting sun. At Easton we regularly see pretty stunning sunsets and early evening skies. Taken in early summer, just at the point the barley was turning from green to the harvest brown we’re used to seeing, with the sun just on the verge of disappearing behind a field hedge, this was a truly magical moment. The breeze dropped and the evening air felt momentarily still, as though it wanted to share in creating something special. Now, I’m not a spiritual person. My family can find me frustratingly rational, but there are times when our little corner of Suffolk feels very special and imbued with some ancient mystery.

At the risk of waxing just a tad too lyrical, this was one of those fleeting, marvellous moments to cherish.

So, wedding photo, or not. You decide. All I know is it captured something of the time and place for my couple and has a place in their wedding album.


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