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Over the years I’ve seen many different vehicles at weddings, lots of Rolls Royce’s, Bentleys, a smattering of Beetles and Morris Minors. Even a helicopter one time. Never though, had I seen a bride and groom arrive at their reception in a near 50 year old Range Rover. That was until Viki & Charlie’s wedding on the Suffolk coast. Please do take a look at their day – it was wonderful from beginning to end.

This image though is one which I particularly love. It contains all the elements which, for me, make a photo I’m proud to put my name to – composition, light, colour, texture, spontaneity and unsolicited emotion. Want to know more…?

  • composition – the tyre tracks of the lane draw the eye on a journey through the image from bottom left, up to the right where they linger on the Land Rover and faces of the passengers, up Viki the brides arm to her bouquet and out through the sky above. The trees on the right form a natural barrier to prevent the viewers eye wandering out of the image and each of the 4 passengers faces hold the attention. The angle of view also subtly adds something here – I was kneeling down at radiator grille level to take this shot which emphasises the height of Viki & Charlie in the frame.
  • light – that perfect, slightly hazy, Suffolk seaside light from the left means everyone has their eyes open and there’s no hard shadow.
  • color – the blue of Charlie’s cravat and Viki’s flowers really pop against the slightly muted greens and browns.
  • texture – would you just look at it! The bracken on the left, the leaves on the right and that iconic Land Rover grille all create visual interest.
  • spontaneity – by the bucket load. Viki & Charlie had transferred from their car which brought them from nearby Glemham Hall where they had the ceremony into the Land Rover for the final part of the journey. I had no idea this would happen and was patiently waiting to grab a shot of them on arrival when the appeared around a bend accompanied by whoops and a revving engine.
  • …and finally, unsolicited emotion – if this isn’t abundantly clear well, I don’t know what else to say. In no way did I intervene in this shot and it just wouldn’t have worked if I’d told Viki & Charlie to look excited. Instead, they’d have been concentrating on trying to look happy and keeping their view trained on me for feedback.

Like most of my favourite photos, this image is all about being present within the day and reacting to moments which best sum up each couples unique view of their wedding. It’s why I avoid a scripted approach and embrace the day – each and every brilliant, joyous, jubilant moment of it.

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