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It’d be understandable to expect that a photographer who is all about the spontaneity and emotion of a wedding would shy away from photographing set up details, right? Well, I’m pleased to say convention isn’t really my thing. If something catches my eye and will make a great image then why not go with it! This rather splendid pair of wedding shoes is a really good example. I’d spent a few minutes trying to find a way of positioning them in the brides dressing room without it looking contrived but couldn’t make it work. I was also aware that having a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s for your wedding is bit of a big deal so went looking around the venue (Butley Priory), for a setting which would work. Just outside the dressing room is this fab 1970’s tile-topped table and it was immediately obvious the strong monochromatic colour and graphic shapes would work well with the shoes. Click, done! I think this is an image which really works and looking back, even the fact the shoes are slightly off-centre doesn’t detract. Like this post? Why not take a look at my instagram page for more favourite photographs and see full wedding posts on the blog.
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