Wedding planning during the pandemic

Planning Your Wedding During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated 2nd July 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our world. How we work, gather and socialise are all affected. So is planning your wedding. Welcome to the new normal. 

At the time of writing, weddings have recently been allowed to start again, albeit with restrictions on numbers and settings. Most of my weddings take place at private venues in Suffolk and are subject to the guidelines provided by Suffolk Registrars. In summary, this means a maximum of 30 people including your registrars and photographer. Full details are on the Suffolk Registration Service website.

For church weddings, the situation is currently less certain – see the Your Church Wedding website for details.

Wedding planning during the pandemic

So, you’re a newly engaged couple and wondering just what your wedding photography options are at this time of Coronavirus? To answer your questions, I’ve put together a few helpful pointers:


  • Safely photographing your wedding

  • Small weddings

  • Large weddings

  • Couples shoots

  • What happens if there’s a second wave of infections and our wedding can’t take place?

  • More information

  • Questions?

Safely photographing your wedding

My number one priority is keeping both you and me safe. I don’t want to be that person who spreads COVID to you and your wedding guests. Likewise, I take my health seriously so I’m not going to put myself in a position which risks my wellbeing. I’ve therefore made a few changes to the way I work which, for the time being at least, will be best practice for all wedding photographers. 

Along with supplies of masks, gloves and hand sanitiser, I’ve invested in a couple of new telephoto lenses which enable me to photograph your wedding while maintaining safe social distancing. I’m also asking couples to notify me of any illness in your wedding party (even the most seemingly innocent sniffle) before I arrive at your wedding. If I pick up symptoms at your wedding, it will affect me being able to photograph the weddings which follow. Similarly, if I am ill or isolating at the time of your wedding, I have a network of back-up photographers who will step in to cover for me.

Small weddings

Thinking of having a small wedding with a handful of your immediate family and friends there to celebrate? Going small doesn’t have to mean skimping on great quality suppliers to make your day. Bridal boutique’s, florists, hairdressers and makeup artists are all able to offer products and services to suit. I’ve also put together a special package for small wedding photography which includes safely shooting your ceremony, some family photos and of course, portraits of the newlyweds. There’s also the choice to include an album and prints. Want to know more? Simply click here to see all the details

Considering having a small ceremony now with a traditional reception when the pandemic has passed? Book me for both and I’ll give you a discount to say thank you!

Large weddings

Have you always dreamed of having a large wedding with lots of guests and a great big party? As things stand, you may need to wait a little while longer until we can safely gather again in large groups. However, there’s no time like the present to start researching and planning. It’s likely that the prime summer wedding dates will be in high demand so why not use this time to draw up a shortlist of likely venues and suppliers. 

Couple’s shoots

If you’re looking at a lengthy wait until your wedding, how about booking a couples shoot to celebrate your engagement? Put on your glad rags, we’ll meet up somewhere pretty and, at a safe distance, we can make some lovely photos of you both looking gorgeous! Have a look at the Couples Shoots page for more info. Plus, if you’ve booked me to photograph your wedding, you’ll get a £75 discount on the usual price of a Couples Shoot! 

Couples and Engagement Photo Shoots in Suffolk

What happens if there’s a second wave of infections and our wedding can’t take place?

If you need to postpone, I’ll happily move you to a new date without penalty. All I ask is that you coordinate with me on the new date to make sure I’m free. 

More information

You can see the latest info from Suffolk Registrars and how it may affect your plans on their website: Suffolk Registrars. The Your Church Wedding website has the latest info and advice from the Church of England on marrying in church: Your Church Wedding. Finally, you’ll find lots of regularly updated articles and advice on the Hitched blog: Hitched


I know this has been a lot to read through and please contact me if you have any questions, queries, concerns or need some help wedding planning during the pandemic. I’m here for you. It’s never a chore to chat by phone or video call. Just drop me a line and we can take it from there. 

Looking forward to the future

As George Harrison sang, ‘All things must pass.’

One day we’ll look back on this time and tell our grand-kids about the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. You’re part of a generation of couples wanting to marry at a unique time in our history. Remember, there’s no right or wrong in planning your wedding. What’s important to you might not be to another couple and vice-versa. Of all times, now is when you can embrace what brought you together and allow what feels ‘right’ to guide you.

Just stay safe, keep positive and I look forward to being part of your wedding day plans, whatever they may be.

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